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Manuals for American Made Vehicles
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Car enthusiasts know the unique satisfaction of driving a classic, polished automobile they have personally put together. From replacing a carburetor to painting the exterior, keeping any vehicle shining brightly and running smoothly requires an eye for detail and a love for practical, hands-on work.

And one more thing - because every make and model is built a little bit differently, it helps to have a car repair manual at your fingertips before diving under the hood. A firefighter wouldn't walk into a burning building without first knowing where all the exits are, and neither should a mechanic begin working on a car without first referring to the blueprints, especially with specialty cars that may be built quite uniquely.

Yet, with the right information and a little TLC, anyone can get that motor whirring.

Digital Repair Manuals

Luckily, offers the full, original repair manuals for all American-made vehicles up until 1990. Got a specific make and model of a classic car? We've got the manual. Not sure what parts to use? Want to modify but don't know how? Search our database to find the right guide for your particular type of vehicle. These are not just general car repair guides, but the original handbooks specifically designed for your car, factory authorized and precisely the documents that dealerships refer to for professional car repair. Rather than offer secondhand overviews, we proudly offer the primary, detailed shop manuals that were issued upon release and originally intended for auto mechanics.

Available now as either a digital download or physical CD, each car repair manual provides roughly 800 pages of precise, explicit descriptions to get any job done. Whether overhauling an engine or simply fixing an interior light, each guidebook includes step-by-step instructions and detailed images for safe and certain repair. Officially licensed from the manufacturer, these car repair manuals are essentially the one-stop resource for anyone interested in fixing up a prized car, and the most comprehensive and complete auto repair manuals on the market.

Original Owner's Manuals

And now, in addition to offering the original, factory authorized car repair manuals, is proud to offer the original owner's manuals, as well. It's a real stretch of the imagination to think that a car from 1950 that has changed hands countless times would still have the original owner's booklet that was issued at the first sale. Now, it's easy to receive a copy of any classic owner's manual on CD from

A car can be like an extension of the self, stylish, powerful and ready to take you places. Especially for early models, consistent high quality upkeep is what's going to guarantee a refined, long-lasting ride. Just as a chef takes pride in a well-cooked meal, any mechanic – lay or professional – takes pride in a sleek, fully functioning classic automobile. Getting an early model to purr like new can be an immense joy, and we at want to facilitate a safe and satisfying repair experience for every type of classic American-made vehicle.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are here to answer any questions and help in any way we can so that you may go forward and work on your car with complete confidence. There is a complete money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your order – but we think you will be. Guided by the right set of directions, anyone can delve into the mechanics to ensure a beautiful, snazzy and properly working automobile.

Who we Are:
At we strive to deliver the most comprehensive auto repair manuals out on the market.  We offer manuals in print and in digital format.  These repair manuals are produced with the highest quality and attention to detail.  These are the factory authorized manuals.  These are the manuals that the dealer mechanics would use.  These are not interpretations by some of those other manuals that cover 15 years in 175 pages.  These repair manuals are very detailed and specific to your make and year.

There is a special feeling when you can work on your own car and complete a project.  No matter how small or large the end result is still the same, a feeling of great satisfaction.  These auto repair manuals give you step by step instruction with detailed images to give you the information you need to be able to complete your job.  Just as you would not work on your engine with wrenches and sockets, you should not take on the job without the right information.  These repair manuals give you the tools to be able to take on and complete your job with confidence.

Please feel free to ask us any questions or let us know if we can help in any way.  There is a complete money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your order.  We will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

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